April 30, 2012

This morning I drank an entire glass of chunky milk without cringing (a first) and decided it’s about time I comment on the food. It’s both sad and a blessing that I’ve gotten used to the food. Sad because the hardest thing for me to get used to in the beginning was the amount of oil and salt (both of which I highly doubt are being used less, my body has just chosen to adapt). I’ve eaten some questionable meet from unknown parts of unknown animals and I’ve given up trying to decide what phase me dairy is in the fermenting process. The cheese though, feta-like, is delicious. Olives are to cherish, and it’s safe to say I’ve eaten more cucumbers and tomatoes here that ever before. The Spinach byrek is to die for and, though seen as a staple food for the less-fortunate, fasule and pilaf with some yogurt and spinach mixed in is one of my favorites. Here’s to hoping that during my time in PST I retain nothing more than some of these wonderful recipes. 

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